Birmingham Policy Community

The need for a new approach

Birmingham is an ever more diverse city which has far reaching policy and service implications that will need to continue to adapt and evolve. The council and the city are going to face enormous challenges in the years ahead. There is a demand for a more intensive policy development process at the same time:

  • The internal resources to deliver this have been severely reduced
  • Some of the partnerships previously established are undergoing significant change or being abandoned. New ones need to be linked together to avoid the creation of new silos.

Here in Birmingham we are determined to continue to pursue innovative ways of working and developing policy outcomes. The Future Council programme of policy development will create a new pattern of local public services that will require significant outside support, both in terms of expertise and innovative ideas.

There is a need to establish a new approach to policy making that is flexible but focused, can lever in the resources needed, generate wide ownership of policy development and provide for an inclusive approach.

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