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Birmingham Policy Community

Your questions answered

What is Birmingham Policy Community?

The BPC is a new initiative that offers a new flexible approach to how policy making is developed. The Policy Community allows the Council to commission work and network with a diverse range of stakeholders and experts to develop policy and gather intelligence about the local area.

Why do we need a Policy Community?

The challenge for policy making in the next few years is enormous; there is demand for a more intensive policy process whilst at the same time internal resources to deliver this have been severely reduced and many previous partnerships are undergoing significant change or are being abolished.

The policy development process will be more inclusive and will make use of the vast resource of knowledge and experience in the city and beyond and help create a more outward looking culture within the city council.

How does it work?

The community is guided by a Prospectus, which summarises the potential areas for joint working; this will set out a number of specific policy development areas that we wish to pursue. But the aim will be to stimulate a “market” in policy projects and ideas which will enable new partnerships to be created and resources to be channelled to priority areas.

The Birmingham Policy Community website is an important aspect of the community as it will be a platform for sharing ideas, information, events and new projects. The website includes a free membership system in which members can privately share ideas and influence the direction of the project.

Are there any other examples of a Policy Community?

Denmark’s MindLab is a cross-governmental innovation unit that involves citizens and businesses in developing new solutions for the public sector. Although MindLab’s focus is on innovation it shares a similar strategy to Birmingham Policy Community; facilitating greater collaboration across the public sector. MindLab has proven to be very successful in creating change through collaboration and innovation. Successful research projects conducted by MindLab can be found on MindLab’s 2011-12 Result report ‘From insight to change.’

Who can join?

BPC welcomes a diverse range of stakeholders, including think tanks, academic establishments, consultancies, political parties, unions, and local government.

Why should I join?

Joining the community allows you to share and/ or develop your own or your organisations knowledge and experience in policy making, whilst gaining access to publications and events.

Being a member of the community enables you to influence policies and developments in Birmingham and beyond. It also increases network opportunities providing a platform for increased collaboration.

Through joining the community you will a feel a strong sense of shared values and purpose – everyone will be working together to generate innovative, cost effective and implementable policy solutions.

Want more information?

If you would like to know how to join Birmingham Policy Community or for any further information please contact us.

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