Birmingham Policy Community

Code of Conduct

The Birmingham Policy Community is committed to making its forums as informative and easy to use as possible. Each user is responsible for anything he or she uploads to the site or posts to a forum (bulletin board).

The BPC is not responsible for any content published by forum members or for any forum topics or messages posted to the site.

Your Responsibility

It is therefore important to remember that:

  • You are solely responsible and liable for any material you upload to the site.
  • Look after your own privacy

Please remember that information on the BPC is visible to anyone who accesses the site. We therefore advise you against giving out personally identifiable information.

Please do not:

* abuse or insult any other community user
* Incite others to violate the Code of Conduct.
* Post information or details that invade the privacy of others.

The Code of Conduct forbids users to:

* Upload words, pictures or any other material or information that is illegal, indecent, dishonest, untruthful, defamatory or obscene
* Use their pages to link to any other Internet website that contains any of the above material
* Upload words, pictures or any other material that breaches a third party’s copyright
* Upload any material or software that could harm other users’ computers or affect the working of the site in any way.

The BPC has the absolute right to ban users who persistently “spam” bulletin boards with irrelevant messages or post the same message to several separate discussions.

The Code of Conduct forbids users from:

* Advertising any business or service on the forums
* repeatedly posting the same message in a single discussio

Thank you for abiding by the Code of Conduct, and, above all, enjoy using the site!


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