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The purpose of the prospectus is to set out a framework for policy development on the future of Birmingham City Council and city government in the 21st Century. The Prospectus aims to underpin collaboration across a wide network of policy experts and opinion makers and to focus joint working on addressing the challenges facing city government in the UK.

It intends to facilitate focused, integrated and intensive work that we need to undertake. It sets out the emerging overall vision and the structure of city government that we think will have to be put in place. It then describes the various areas for further policy development work that will be required to support this. It is not a static statement or work programme and we do not envisage that all of the areas of work outlined will be pursued. We intend to update the Prospectus, as the external environment and the work itself evolve.

By issuing the Prospectus, we are inviting you to propose areas of research and policy development that will turn this framework into a reality, based on your own areas of expertise and interest. We feel that this Prospectus will help you to identify co-researchers and funding relationships for common work areas of interest.

It is aimed at any interested groups or individuals who wish to be part of Birmingham’s radical and innovative policy development, through the Birmingham Policy Community. This may include: think tanks, academic centres, third sector organisations, social enterprises, local authorities, consultants, and other external experts and thinkers.

2016 Prospectus, please click here

Master Final Draft Prospectus June 16

To view the earlier 2014 Birmingham Prospectus, please click here

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