Birmingham Policy Community

The Outcomes

The outcomes we wish to achieve are set out in our Business Plan. We have grouped the prospectus under three themes or aims. These aims encompass our priorities currently being refreshed but also provide interesting policy problems that go to the heart of the challenge of leading a complex modern city

  • Fairness – to protect the most vulnerable in our city, open up opportunities to the most excluded and narrow the gap in life chances between our citizens
  • Prosperity – to help make Birmingham the Enterprise Capital of Britain and create a Green City and a Smart City that provides growth and jobs for all
  • Democracy – to deliver on our vision for devolution and localisation and to rebuild engagement in local democracy by putting local people and communities at the heart of everything we do.

 For example:

  • How to support a more inclusive economy that brings prosperity to the wider population whilst not undermining those who are highly successful and can create jobs and wealth for society as a whole?
  • How to prioritise the needs of communities and neighbourhoods with less social capital and greater deprivation, whilst ensuring that stronger communities also receive adequate services and are able to engage effectively in local democracy?
  • How to resolve the tensions between localism and efficiency and make devolution meaningful at a time of huge cuts in resources?
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