Birmingham Policy Community


The Birmingham Policy Community (BPC) website is a platform where individuals and groups can come together online. Its members can share ideas, develop new partnerships and share knowledge.

The BPC is a membership network of think tanks, universities and other organisations who wish to contribute to and benefit from the policy development work we are seeking to promote. We hope it will be a place that connects people from all spheres of life across Birmingham to make a positive difference in the city.

This website provides a hub for the exchange of information on research and policy development. It is a resource for organising events and developing partnerships to pursue new projects.

The Prospectus will guide the work of the Policy Community, it details several policy development topics we are interested in developing further. The development topics are a summary of ideas/areas where we feel our knowledge could be improved and there is scope for positive change.

We invite you to download our Prospectus and join our Birmingham Policy Community to actively contribute to discussions that interest you.


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